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    vaSave $$$ with a Florida State Mortgage Group, Inc VA mortgage loan.

    If you’re looking for today’s VA mortgage loan interest rates call us today. The rates will vary slightly based on your credit score and if you will be paying any fees (origination, discount, application, underwriting, processing, etc).  These “fees” are really nothing more than prepaid interest.  Paying these fees will result in a lower interest rate with a typical recovery period for these fees of 4-6 years.  We offer NO FEES as our standard option with the lowest rates offered from any lender.  Confused? Call us today and we will provide you with a no obligation quick and detailed “Fees Worksheet”.  This will detail all of the financial information involved in your transaction.  We can even provide you with a comparative report between rates with fees and without.  Call us today for your personalized report.

    Our VA loan program is simply the fastest possible way to secure a VA loan and at the lowest rates.  Additional, we offer eligible veterans a Florida Mortgage Credit Certificate (“MCC”) in conjunction with their mortgage loan.  The MCC offers up to $2000 annually in IRS income tax credits.  This added income can be added to the borrower’s monthly income to assist in qualification when and if necessary.

    Call Stephen McWilliam 954-325-6771 or Stephen Cohen 954-478-1458 today for specific rates and MCC information.

    VA Loans are backed under the Veteran Administration (VA) Loan Guaranty program, and are available to veterans and their spouses. This includes all reservists, active military personnel and veterans.

    VA Loans provide members of the military with high loan to value financing options without mortgage insurance, and often with lower closing costs than traditional mortgages. VA Loans may provide up to 100% financing options and loans up to $2,000,000.

    VA Loans also allow to provide up to a 3.5% lender credit to be utilized toward the borrower’s closing costs.  The lender credit will result in a higher interest rate but these funds may prove to be an invaluable necessity to make the new home purchase possible when no Seller credits are available because of today’s Seller’s market.  Contrary to popular belief and some lender claims VA Loans do not take any longer to process when you’re obtaining your VA Loan with Florida State Mortgage Group, Inc.

    If you are an active member of the military or a U.S. veteran, you may be able to take advantage of VA Loan benefits.

    Call one of our qualified loan specialists today at 954-359-3000 and we’ll discuss your VA Loan options.