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Helping Florida’s Deserving Veterans with VA Loans in Fort Lauderdale and other Areas

For all the brave people that have served the country, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides a military serviceperson loan guarantee program. It also includes personnel of the National Guard, Reservists, and active military.

This program guarantees veterans and surviving spouses financial support so they can purchase homes. The program allows approved VA lenders to grant loans to veterans and their spouses at competitive rates and no-down-payment, and mortgage insurance.

Florida State Mortgage Group is an approved corresponded VA lender. This means that we can assist veterans with the loan application process and find the best solutions that allow them to purchase their dream home.

We have a team of professional loan officers that enables us to provide detailed evaluations, helping eligible veterans qualify for zero down payment VA loans in Fort Lauderdale. We work with stringent procedures, making sure applicants meet all requirements set forth by the Department of VA.

You can talk to one of our officers to discuss your eligibility further.

What are VA Loans?

VA loans in Fort Lauderdale and other locations are 0% down payment residential loans that are awarded to veterans and active servicemen and their spouses. They are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs but issued by approved VA lenders across the country.

Instead of handing out the money for mortgages, the VA approves lenders based on a set of guidelines. Once the lenders are approved, they are able to offer loans to veterans.

FSMG offers one of the most efficient possible ways of securing a VA loan at low rates. You may be eligible for a 100% financing option and loans up to $2,000,000 in value.

In addition to that, we also offer eligible applicants with a Florida Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) in conjunction with their VA loan. This offers up to $2000 in IRS income tax credits every year. The additional income can account for the borrower’s monthly income and assist in the qualification process.

How much down payment is required for VA loans in Fort Lauderdale?

One of the main benefits VA loans have over other conventional loans is that there is a zero percent down payment option.

Back when VA mortgage was still a new concept, applicants had to wait more than 5 years before buying a home. The waiting period was a necessity as it gave home buyers enough time to save up for the down payment that could be as high as 20%.

Now, veterans are able to apply for a no down payment VA loan. As long as the applicant meets all requirements enforced by the VA and has an eligibility certificate, no down payment will be required. (This may vary from case to case)

Who is eligible to get a VA loan in Fort

You are eligible to receive a VA loan if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Served in the military full time for at least 90 consecutive days of active service during wartime
  • Served full time in the military for at least 181 consecutive days during peacetime
  • If you have served in the National Guard for more than 6 years
  • If you have 6 years of service as a Reservist
  • Currently serving as a full-time military personnel
  • Current member of the National Guard or the Reserves
  • Currently a Cadet in the US Air Force, military academy or Coast Guard
  • Currently serving as a midshipman at the US Naval Academy
  • Serving in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • You are a surviving spouse of a veteran

If you’re applying for a VA loan as a spouse, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

The veteran spouse is either a prisoner of war or missing-in-action for at least 90 days

The veteran was martyred while serving on active duty and you haven’t remarried

The veteran perished or was completely disabled as a result of the service, and the spouse hasn’t remarried

The veteran passed away as a result of a disability connected to their service, and the spouse didn’t remarry

What Our Clients Are Saying

Michelle Vantine
Michelle Vantine
17:20 08 Jul 19
I worked with Betty to buy my first house here in South Florida and I could not be happier! She was amazing. She was always available to answer my questions and she was very patient. She was extremely knowledgeable, even getting me approved for a HUGE tax exemption I will receive annually . She always had all the paper work ready on time and explained everything in detail. I could not image a better agent. I'm SO glad we made the decision to work with her. Thanks Betty!
Jarrett Van Tine
Jarrett Van Tine
16:01 08 Jul 19
Betty did an amazing job originating our loan. She is knowledgeable, accessible, and eager to provide the best for her clients. I HIGHLY recommend her!
Jarrett Van Tine
Jarrett Van Tine
16:01 08 Jul 19
Betty did an amazing job originating our loan. She is knowledgeable, accessible, and eager to provide the best for her clients. I HIGHLY recommend her!
Sean Zamora
Sean Zamora
18:28 05 Feb 19
Steve McWilliam was a tremendous help in securing my mortgage a few years ago. He’s also been a great source of knowledge in the time since. I highly recommend him as someone you can trust.
Scott Yankton
Scott Yankton
17:42 04 Feb 19
The smartest, most helpful and insightful mortgage loan person I’ve ever used. On our first attempt to buy he saved us from disaster. On our second attempt he was finished and ready to close before everyone else! Our loan was a VA so we expected it to take extra time...nope. For our next loan we won’t use anyone else.
Jennifer Cane
Jennifer Cane
02:05 23 Aug 18
They actually made obtaining my home loan fun and enjoyable on my part. The process was painless at all I expected it to be. They explained the process well to new buyers (like us) and at the same time keep me in the loop the entire time during the process. They really helped the process go smoothly. Got immediately a perfect home in an easiest and hassle-free way, Thank you so much!
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