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Owning a home is a goal many people want to achieve. Regardless of whether they are employed by the government or run their own start-up, people work hard to make their home a reality. Unfortunately, many don’t have the financial assets to make that happen. This is when specially designed loan programs and mortgages offer a solution.

Among these borrowers are those who are self-employed. Unlike for non-self-employed borrowers, it can be hard for people to get approved for a mortgage when they are self-employed. There are many reasons for this, including fluctuating income, income reflected on tax returns, and write-offs. In addition to that, there are other requirements that a self-employed borrower needs to fulfill for a successful application process.

We here at Florida State Mortgage Group are one of the leading mortgage lenders in Fort Lauderdale. Over our years of helping clients fulfill their dream of owning a home, we have gained sufficient expertise in providing a self-employed mortgage.

We focus on each client, making sure they find an appropriate solution to their financing needs. We try to find self-employed mortgage solutions with low rates and increased income consideration.

You can talk to one of our loan officers to find out your options for getting qualified to receive a self-employed mortgage in Fort Lauderdale.

Are 2 years’ worth of personal and business income tax
returns required for self-employed borrowers?

There is no simple yes or no answer to this question. The reality is that not all lenders and lending institutions require 2 years of documentation. For instance, government agencies like the FHA and VA do need 2 years of both personal and business income tax returns. On the other hand, the same loan programs may also offer more leniencies for other income considerations.

Unlike these, conforming and conventional loans require only a year’s worth of records of personal and business income tax returns for a self-employed mortgage. These are used to determine the borrower’s qualifying income for the mortgage.

What other requirements are considered for a self-employed mortgage in Fort Lauderdale?

In order to get approved for a self-employed mortgage, the borrower needs to prove that they can afford it. There are various requirements that lenders need to be fulfilled to prove stable earnings. Some of the other requirements for a self-employed mortgage in Fort Lauderdale include:

  • Business license for the company you’re self-employed at
  • Proof of maintaining regular ongoing business
  • An accountant
  • A sizeable down payment
  • Good credit score
  • A strong credit history
  • Purchase price of the house

The license and business maintenance are to validate the legitimacy of your business. A mortgage lender in Fort Lauderdale may require an accountant to put together your profit and loss statements along with required tax documentation.

Both credit score and credit history are beneficial for qualification. They communicate that you are financially responsible and will pay back your loan within the stated timeline. However, it is not the end-all of the application process.

Also, you’ll need a sizeable down payment, unlike mortgage applicants who are employed at other companies. This will mean that you will owe less money, which is less financially risky.

Lastly, the field of business you’re in and the type of company (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation) will also impact the decision.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Michelle Vantine
Michelle Vantine
17:20 08 Jul 19
I worked with Betty to buy my first house here in South Florida and I could not be happier! She was amazing. She was always available to answer my questions and she was very patient. She was extremely knowledgeable, even getting me approved for a HUGE tax exemption I will receive annually . She always had all the paper work ready on time and explained everything in detail. I could not image a better agent. I'm SO glad we made the decision to work with her. Thanks Betty!
Jarrett Van Tine
Jarrett Van Tine
16:01 08 Jul 19
Betty did an amazing job originating our loan. She is knowledgeable, accessible, and eager to provide the best for her clients. I HIGHLY recommend her!
Jarrett Van Tine
Jarrett Van Tine
16:01 08 Jul 19
Betty did an amazing job originating our loan. She is knowledgeable, accessible, and eager to provide the best for her clients. I HIGHLY recommend her!
Sean Zamora
Sean Zamora
18:28 05 Feb 19
Steve McWilliam was a tremendous help in securing my mortgage a few years ago. He’s also been a great source of knowledge in the time since. I highly recommend him as someone you can trust.
Scott Yankton
Scott Yankton
17:42 04 Feb 19
The smartest, most helpful and insightful mortgage loan person I’ve ever used. On our first attempt to buy he saved us from disaster. On our second attempt he was finished and ready to close before everyone else! Our loan was a VA so we expected it to take extra time...nope. For our next loan we won’t use anyone else.
Jennifer Cane
Jennifer Cane
02:05 23 Aug 18
They actually made obtaining my home loan fun and enjoyable on my part. The process was painless at all I expected it to be. They explained the process well to new buyers (like us) and at the same time keep me in the loop the entire time during the process. They really helped the process go smoothly. Got immediately a perfect home in an easiest and hassle-free way, Thank you so much!
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