Mortgage Credit Certificate

MCC – The Florida Mortgage Credit Certificate

Purchasing and living in your own home is a feat for all. For first-time homeowners, this journey can be overwhelming and may require a bit of a learning curve. As a response to this fact, lenders, financial institutions, and government agencies have created programs and solutions that can help first-time home buyers.

The Mortgage Credit Certificate or MCC Program is one of the efforts designed to help first-time homeowners save money. It provides cash back every year that the new owners live in their home.

With a professional team that cares about the citizens of Fort Lauderdale, Florida State Mortgage Group is committed to making home ownership easy for first-timers. We offer a variety of loan solutions that can help buyers save money and get the most value for their loan.

We can expedite the process and find the right MCC Programs that meet your requirements.

Florida Mortgage Credit Certificate

An MCC program is specially designed for new home buyers and US Veterans who are looking to purchase their first home. It allows the borrower to claim up to 50% of the annual mortgage interest paid each year.

This is beneficial for new home buyers as they can use the extra cash as added monthly income. They can also use it to get qualified for a house they might be denied for otherwise.

The Florida Mortgage Credit Certificate caps the credit at $2,000 per year. Any leftover mortgage interest that is not included in the tax credit is eligible for a home mortgage interest deduction on federal tax returns.

Homeowners can claim a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax liability. They may make a claim for up to 50% of the mortgage interest. The value depends on the total loan amount but eventually helps reduce the amount of federal tax the borrower owes.

It’s important to clarify that the Florida MCC is not a mortgage itself. However, it is used in conjunction with a first mortgage that a borrower received from a credible lender. It cannot be issued with mortgage revenue bond loans.


The Florida MCC program is open to the following individuals and US veterans:

First-time home buyers that have not owned a primary residence within the last 3 years

Candidates that meet all qualifying requirements to receive a mortgage loan

Candidates with proven creditworthiness

Candidates that meet the MCC program’s income and purchase price limits

Buyers that apply for a Florida MCC program through a participating mortgage lender in Fort Lauderdale

Buyers who intend on occupying the house as their primary residence

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Lana Mihova
Lana Mihova
16:22 13 Feb 20
Stephen McWilliam was an amazing person to deal with. Our deal was pretty complicated on all aspects and he was so professional, he got it done !!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this deal!!!
Brian Mosher
Brian Mosher
15:02 13 Jan 20
Steve did a wonderful job securing a mortgage for me based on the parameters I gave and seeing everything through to completion. No hiccups for me along the way in a process that can be very painful if not managed well.
Shannon Dameron
Shannon Dameron
01:34 12 Jan 20
Steve and the team at Florida State Mortgage Group are exceptional. I was looking for a townhouse for my family when Steve and his team were referred to me. Florida State Mortgage Group showed me I could easily afford a single family home. Steve handled everything from providing a list of homes, securing the home loan, insurance options and closing. I’ve referred Florida State Mortgage Group to friends and family. Each person has experienced the same level of knowledge and quality of service. 5 STARS
Florida Guy
Florida Guy
19:08 11 Jan 20
I was very pleased with Steve and the ease of the process. No hiccups or surprises. Highly recommended for mortgage services.
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Peter Brines
02:27 07 Dec 19
It was a real pleasure working with Steve. Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Would recommend this company all day long.
Olga Alderson
Olga Alderson
01:02 05 Dec 19
Steve McWilliam was a tremendous help in securing my mortgage a few years ago. He\'s also been a great source of knowledge in the time since. I highly recommend him as someone you can trust.
elizabeth mcbride
elizabeth mcbride
01:16 21 Oct 19
The smartest, most helpful and insightful mortgage loan person I’ve ever used. On our first attempt to buy he saved us from disaster. On our second attempt he was finished and ready to close before everyone else! Our loan was a VA so we expected it to take extra time...nope. For our next loan we won’t use anyone else.

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